What Are The Important Terms Used In Peer-To-Peer Process?

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P2P is an acronym for the peer-to-peer file-sharing system. This system allows users to access different media files like music, movies, games, books, and many more using P2P software program which searches for various other connected computing devices on a P2P network for locating the desired content.

Peer-to-peer technology has developed from various design stages like from the prior networks including Napster that make this technology popular to the later models like the BitTorrent protocol. There are sites like yggtorrent which make you available with best movies and songs directly.

There are various factors that contributed immensely to the universal facilitation and adoption of peer-to-peer file sharing. One of which is the increment in the internet bandwidth, the great digitalization of digital media, and the growing capabilities of the remote personal computers. Users are capable to transfer one or more files from a single computer to another across the web through different file transfer systems and other file-sharing networks.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important terminologies associated with the peer-to-peer process. So, here they are-


This is one of the most important terms related to Peer-to-peer file-sharing system. All the users that get involved in sharing of the different files through the torrent P2P medium are known as peers. They are called to be peers as long as they continue sharing the files on the web.


There are some specific websites that work as a search engine for the content and files to be downloaded through torrent. These are called as indexers. Some of the popular indexers are Torrentz or Extratorrent and Piratebay which get commonly used.



The users which download the files from a torrent are called seeders. They also simultaneously upload their downloaded files for other users to use.


The peers who download a file but restrict uploading of the files from their server or stop accessing the torrent as early as their file get the download for preventing the further uploading are called leechers. Their basic motive is to not help other peers to download files.


These are servers which act as a bridge in between the peers. They maneuver the packets from one user to another and also assist in finding peers on the web for specific download.

BitTorrent client

One of the biggest requirement for torrenting is a client. Generally “uTorrent” is used for enabling the procedure to combine the fragments from many seeds, assembling them and managing the download.

These are some of the most important terms used in the Peer-to-peer process. It is very important to get familiar with all the above terms completely to practice torrenting to the fullest.