Top Online Scams Used By Cyber Criminals to Trick You [Updated 2019]

The Internet has no doubt brought a lot of things that are very useful for us but still, you cannot say that it is the safest place where you cannot get tricked. Apart from all the benefits that it brings to us, we cannot also deny the fact of increasing online scams these days. People who are aware of these cybercrimes somehow prevent themselves but people who are not much aware of technology often fall for such scams. There are so many cyber criminals like Ilan tzorya who deceives people online through various methods Therefore in order to stay away from such criminals you should be well informed about the online scams. Have a look below.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scam is the most common method that cyber criminals are using these days. ┬áIf you check the record you will see that more than half of the security incidents start with the harmful email attachments and phishing emails. In this type of scamming cybercriminals trick people by sending false emails and attachments that looks like to come from a legit source. Most of the time after clicking such attachments a virus enters into the user’s computer and corrupt the whole system. This type of incidents usually happens with the organizations.

Credit card or bank loan scam

You might have seen different bank offers regarding loans and credit cards but not all of them are genuine. Usually, people who desperately want some financial support often gets trapped in this situation and they regret later. So be aware of these kinds of too good to be true offers because no bank provides a loan without checking your details and financial status.

Ilan Tzorya

Lottery Scam

The other most common type of scam is a lottery scam. In this people get emails or messages claiming that you have won a huge lottery and in order to receive the prize you need to pay a small amount of money.

Remember nobody can give you something for free and all these types of messages are fraud.

Fake antivirus software

Well if you use internet on a regular basis then you might have frequently encountered to these kinds of pop messages on your screen. People generally who are not aware of these scams and are not a frequent user often fall prey for cybercriminals. By clicking on such fake links you are keeping your system in danger because the chances of your system affecting by the malware are very high in such cases.

Hence, these are some of the common scams that are very popular these days and we hope that this information will help you in not falling for these kinds of cybercrimes.

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